Dr. Dror

Foo is not just a "Bar"


In short

Fields of interest

  • Data crunching and visualizing.
  • Impacting the bussiness using data science products.
  • Get things done right. Best practices.
  • Data related open source technologies.
  • Reproducible research and data science work (did you mention dvc).
  • I do miss (La)TeX and friends in the industry.

Academical overview

Contact Surfaces visualization

Here's one of the highlights of my academic past:

This video visualizes the contact surfaces in the configuration space of a triangular robot which translates and rotates amid planar polygons. It illustrates the various possible contacts and their three-dimensional representation. The visualization is based on an explicit parameterization of the contact surfaces.

The video was presented at SoCG 2012 [BibTeX]