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Foo is not just bar


Custom Enums and tests

Somehow advanced usage of python's enums. Including a discussion on testing of those custom entities.

  • Tue 04 September 2018
  • HowTo

An attempt on smarter logging

Motivation Consider the case where you implement some logic somewhere, and this logic should be used from within several different places. Think of a logic and two apps using it. The logic should be yielding logging messages that would be visible as part of the running of the different apps …

Hedge Yourself From a Risky Data Science Job

I recently came across a wonderful post by Talia Borodin titled "Think Your Company Needs a Data Scientist? You're Probably Wrong". If you didn't ready it yet, make sure you do it! It contains a wonderful collection of truths that every individual who has anything to do with data science …

  • Sun 10 September 2017
  • Stats

Why do we need to divide by n-1?

Trying to give an intuitive understanding what's the difference between a biased and unbiased estimators of variance of a sample.