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Experiment with Jupyter

UPDATE: The liquid_tags solution seems to have changed a lot and embedding Jupyter notebooks became a little harder. Therefore, I'm porting all notebooks to Markdown. In the future I will try to find a better solution.

The notebook factorial-sample.ipynb has been removed.

Using the liquid_tags plugin, it seems to be very simple to include Jupyter notebooks. You have to add the plugin in pelicanconf.py; e.g.:

PLUGIN_PATHS = ["plugins"]
PLUGINS = ["render_math", "liquid_tags.notebook"]

Where in my case the plugins are located in [site's root]/plugins. Next, create a directory [site's root]/content/notebooks and add a notebook in there. Lastly, create a new Markdown post and include the following:

{% notebook factorial-sample.ipynb %}

where factorial-sample.ipynb is the notebook's filename. Don't forget to include in the post (.md) the needed metadata like Title, Date etc.


The next line till the end of the post is coming from a notebook:

{% notebook factorial-sample.ipynb %}