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  • Tue 04 September 2018
  • HowTo

An attempt on smarter logging

Motivation Consider the case where you implement some logic somewhere, and this logic should be used from within several different places. Think of a logic and two apps using it. The logic should be yielding logging messages that would be visible as part of the running of the different apps …

Group by date from a column

(Original notebooks can be found in this gist) Assume you have data set as follows: ID Date Value x x x where each row contains an ID, a date (given as pd.Datetime) and a value. The objective is to count how many rows occur in each day. import pandas …

  • Tue 04 April 2017
  • HowTo

Running Visdom examples within a Docker container

Docker could be a great tool when you want to try out new technologies without taking the risk of breaking your own system. I decided to use Docker when having a quick look into Visdom the new toy from Facebook. I'll outline the steps I took. Start a minimal container …

  • Tue 04 April 2017
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Useful Docker hints

Recently, I started to use and get to know Docker. One of my central motivations is to utilize this technology for the creation of reproducible research/work. The first minimal working example I came up with contains a notebook which loads the data from a CSV file which is part …

  • Fri 20 January 2017
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My getting started with Atom

Introduction I recently discovered Atom. In the past, I've been using Emacs but not so long ago I realized that it is time to move on. Sublime Text 3 was the next editor, but only for a short while. Getting to know Atom and the fact it is free made …