Dr. Dror

Foo is not just a "Bar"

Setting new computer


  • Docker Time to start using it, right?
  • DropboxInstaller
  • Franz a universal messenger
  • Spotify
  • LibreOffice
  • MacPorts For this one you'd need to install XCode related stuff
  • Skim Much better than the built in Preview
  • Skype
  • Slack
  • Spectacle Super useful for windows management using the keyboard
  • atom Well, this is my editor of choice for the past 4 months. I'm not going to change it.
  • Chrome
  • iTerm2. However, I'm going to try out Hyper
  • Google drive
  • mactex
  • nteract
  • vlc
  • Anaconda python distribution
  • In addition I installed json_resume which I use to build my CV.

Some more remarks

Setting of Atom

For this I discovered the wonderful plugin sync-settings. This allowed easy copying of the settings and packages from my other box.

Improved commandline

To that end I use powerline-shell which I strongly recommend.

Enabling Pelican

Pelican is easy to install using pip. However, in addition I had to install the Markdown module.

Mapping § to `

I got an international English keyboard. This means that the upper left key (right under the ESC) is mapped to § and ±. I lived so long without using these symbols on a regular basis, and thus I decided to map this key to the regular backtick and tilde (~). To that end I used the Karabiner-Elements.

vim syntax highlighting

I'm using vim as the editor in the console (mostly when it comes to commit messages for git). Still, coloring the editor is nice. I Simply added syntax on to ~/.vimrc.

N.B. 1

After couple of days, as always, there are some additional items to mention:

  • nb conda kernels to treat Conda environments as Jupyter kernels
  • For decision trees visualization I had to install GraphViz and pydotplus. The former using MacPorts and the latter using conda install -c conda-forge pydotplus.
  • pandoc is a nice to have around
  • Similarly, jq is very important to have around; simply using MacPorts. In addition, ack is worthy installing

N.B. 2

How could I forget, spell checking for Jupyter notebooks and other extensions are a must. This is rather straightforward as described here.

N.B. 3

When inspecting a file from the console, it is nice to see it colored properly. A nice way to go about it is to install Pygments. This can be easily done: conda install Pygments. Next, in ~/.bash_profile I added the following alias alias catc='pygmentize -g'.