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Custom Enums and tests

Somehow advanced usage of python's enums. Including a discussion on testing of those custom entities.

Hedge Yourself From a Risky Data Science Job

I recently came across a wonderful post by Talia Borodin titled "Think Your Company Needs a Data Scientist? You're Probably Wrong". If you didn't ready it yet, make sure you do it! It contains a wonderful collection of truths that every individual who has anything to do with data science …

When trying to hash a data frame

TL;DR The function pandas.DataFrame.values is not the inverse of pd.DataFrame(np.array). Introduction An important part of reproducible data science work, is the ability to apply the DAG on the very same dataset. Simplest option is to commit the datasets to a VCS like git. This …

Setting new computer

Mostly notes for myself on what items I installed on a new machine. You might be interested as well.

First post

Trying to move to pelican Following is a review of my favorite mechanical keyboard. EDIT: Here's an inline math example: \(x^2\) which works nicely. And here's a displayed math $$e^2$$ which works as well. if (!document.getElementById('mathjaxscript_pelican_#%@#$@#')) { var align = "center", indent = "0em", linebreak = "false"; if (false) { align …